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Broadly speaking there are two types of analysis that we can use for decision making transactions, that is Technical analysis and fundamental analysis. Both have their function – one so we can not compare which is the best of both. both technical and fundamental analysis have respective roles – each. We know that the fundamental analysis to answer questions “how ” and technical analysis to answer questions “when ” or when. From this simple conclusion can we see traders as if we , if we focus to analyze when we'll entry in comparison with why prices can move like this then we are more inclined to the technical trader. Fundamental analysis is usually slower provide information to us in making decisions than by technical analysis as news is concerned with a country usually rather slow response by many agencies, while technical analysis is based on what is displayed faster market tends to be analyzed and the sooner we can take a decision. A fundamental tader tend to be looking for news related to countries with currencies to be traded, then create a new analysis will take a decision open position. From here it can also be concluded from the analysis of the fundamental differences Technical and fundamental is data that is processed more than the fundamental analysis technical analysis for technical analysis is only based on the visuals that we see with a bit of either indicator tools or other tools before making a decision. so from here we can not conclude which is the best, the best it can combine both the analysis is to conduct an open position best.

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